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Taste of a Partnership

Staud’s was bringing a new edition of fine preserves on the international marketplace in cooperation with ViennaTourism. This is their third shared marketing action and the occasion for working together was the Klimt Year 2012. Designs for the reclosable screw caps of the collection depict details from Art Nouveau art works as well as architectural details of Viennese buildings from this era.

The edition can be found in the shelves in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, then will also be successively delivered to far-away lands. In Vienna they will not only be offered in retail food trade but also in several museum shops – as a tasty souvenir and goody-to-go from a visit to Vienna.

For Hans Staud the project is a perfect marketing action: “Gourmets all over the world will be reminded that there are so much beautiful things waiting for them to discover in Vienna. Through the one-of-a-kind designs of the packaging I offer my major customers the multiple value of my products. For individual customers, a passion for collecting will certainly be initiated, as was shown by both former editions.“ ViennaTourism will utilize the little jam jars in special packaging worldwide for important business partners within their Klimt campaign (

Themes of Staud's Art Nouveau Collection

Exceptional support for this project also came from the five Viennese museums – MAK, Belvedere, Fine Arts, Leopold and Wien Museum – as well as from the company Backhausen, which made the image reproduction rights available free of charge.

•    Belvedere design
•    Design from the Museum of Fine Arts
•    Leopold Museum design
•    Design from the Wien Museum
•    Design from the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts
•    Design from the fabric collection of the Company Backhausen
•    Design from the rich archive of Viennese Art Nouveau architecture

8 to 10 million jars will be exported internationally in the next few years

Not even Han Staud can predict how long the stock of preserves with the exclusive lids will last: “Our first collective Edition 2004 – at that time art objects from different eras from Viennese museums on the lids – was initially produced as 5 million pieces but had to be extended to 10 million. We also reached this number with our 2007 edition of Viennese music designs. This time we have set our first edition a bit higher and, if necessary, will go into further production of the caps. “The manufacturing concern Crown Closures in Philadelphia, USA, carries 50 % of the costs for the especially complex, and therefore also expensive Art Nouveau artwork for the lids. There is no other producer in the world technically capable of reproducing the art works in the required quality on ‘reclosable cam screw tinplate caps‘ – the special term for these closures.

Stylish Presentation in the Vienna MAK - Museum of Applied Arts

The through-and-through tasteful cooperation was presented to the public in the Vienna MAK - Museum of Applied Arts. ViennaTourism and Staud’s invited fans to taste samples of their partnership in the MAK´s majestic hall of columns. Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz led the presentation and first tasting of Staud‘s Art Nouveau Edition. Hans Staud surprised his guests with a letter from Gustav Klimt, read by the actor Peter Uray. Musical pleasure was offered by the Quartett Rondo Vienna under the baton of Barbara Helfgott and the Tourism School´created culinary delights to complete the event.

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